Anonymous asked:

Hey all you lovelies :) I'm having really hard times (fibro flaring, suffering my second burnout crash in just as many years, winter, best friend with MS and all...) so... I was wondering... how do YOU balance the urgent need to allow yourself to let go and just cry... and the even bigger need to keep up the strong mask even for yourself?

fibromyass answered:

Eek!  Just found this in the inbox and wow late.  I apologize a million times, Anon!

Personally, I’ve found that if I don’t accept just how bad or good my illness is, I end up worse off for it in the long run.  I spend so much time being ‘strong’ (which just a fancy way of saying I close myself off to others because I don’t trust them enough to open the doors to my illness) that I find it to be a huge relief when I can drop the mask and just be me.  Though I don’t cry to much, because I find that it makes me hurt worse after (and stops up my entire sinuses), but when I really need to, I just do it.

You can’t really hide from yourself, cause all you do is end up hurting yourself. 

If anyone else has any advice, please drop a line.

Gentle hugs!